It was a SUCCESS!

Othello was a GREAT success!  The actors and volunteers were all amazing and we made 300 wonderful new friends!  We could not have asked for more!  As Damien Jaques of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted in his blog, http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/44403242.html, “we won’t give up.” 

I will also make sure to try to keep my ear to the ground on any Shakespeare-happenings as I know them. For instance, I know that Quasi Productions (through Bucketworks) is performing Henry V, directed by Todd Denning, May 27-June 7.  For more information, visit http://www.quasi-productions.com.




Almost Sold OUT

Less than TWO weeks until this exciting reading of Othello and I thought I should post a quick ticket update.  Sunday is SOLD OUT, there are only 3 seats remaining for Saturday and I believe in the teens for Friday.  So if you want to see it, this isn’t something to drag your feet about.  Email othelloreservations@gmail.com for space reservation – and bring your friends!


Reserve a seat – seriously

Damien Jaques wrote about the upcoming Othello reading in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – http://www.jsonline.com/entertainment/arts/41290352.html.  And in one day, we had almost an entire show (of the three we are doing) reserved. 

So SERIOUSLY, reserve a seat to see this incredible reading.



Othello Rises Again

“The Artists Formerly Known as Milwaukee Shakespeare” present a staged reading of Othello.

Where: Live Artists Have to Eat studio – 228 S. 1st Street, #302 is off Oregon. There is only street parking; also the garage across the river at
Chicago and 1st. There is a freight elevator but there ARE steps to get to the elevator, so the building is not handicapped accessible.

What: A staged reading of Othello – an “Equity members project.”  There is no cost to attend the reading, though donations will be accepted.  Reservations are strongly recommended as space is limited. To reserve a seat, email othelloreservations@gmail.com.

When: Only3 performances – Friday, May 1 at 7:30; Saturday, May 2 at 7:30; Sunday, May 3 at 2:00

Who: Much of the original cast for Milwaukee Shakespeare’s scheduled production of Othello as well as some Milwaukee Shakespeare favorites will be participating in this reading.

  • Director – Paula Suozzi
  • Othello – Wayne T. Carr* (King of Navarre in Love’s Labour’s Lost, Posthumous in Cymbeline, Prince John in 2 Henry IV)
  • Iago – Mark H. Dold* (Malvolio in Twelfth Night)
  • Cassio – Nicholas Harazin (Guiderius in Cymbeline, Poins in 1 Henry IV, Tranio in The Taming of the Shrew, Florizel in A Winter’s Tale)
  • Emilia – Tiffany Vance  (Margaret in Much Ado About Nothing)
  • Desdemona – Courtney Jones (Lady Mortimer in 1 Henry IV)
  • Roderigo – Emmitt Morgans
  • Brabantio – Bryce Lord (Cymbeline, Frances/Westmoreland in 1 Henry IV, Captain in Macbeth)
  • Lodovico – Brian J. Gill* (Orsino in Twelfth Night, Prince Henry in 2 Henry IV, Hotspur in 1 Henry IV, Banquo in Macbeth)
  • Montano – Matt Daniels* (Vernon in 1 Henry IV, Bolingbroke in Richard II, Petruchio in The Taming of the Shrew, A Comedy of Errors)
  • Bianca – Maggie Arndt
  • Senator – Patrick Lawlor* (Worcester in 1 Henry IV)
  • Narrator – Carrie Van Hallgren

Why: Because we really wanted to do this play.  And we want to see if Milwaukee demands Shakespeare.


one final farewell before flight.

We closed Love’s Labour’s Lost yesterday. It was a good end to a good run, in my opinion. I learned a lot, I had a lot of fun, and I made a lot of friends. Well, at least one. Ok, I’m exaggerating. One half. But my hair is beginning to recover from the constant curling and brushing! And I may have made off with half my wardrobe. Hey, Katherine gotta get paid, son. I intend to return to New York with a whole lot of style in my back pocket. I didn’t actually pack any with me on my trip here. 

So what’s next for Emily, you ask? Well, when I return my good friend Lynn Hyde and I will be having a great dinner get together in order to re-acclimate me to the city. Then I get to get right into the swing of things by going to Jury Duty! That’s right, right from one paying job to the next! I am one lucky girl. 

But in the theater world I return to auditioning, newly assisted by my EMC card. I also have some projects floating in the air; a new piece developed through this technique called Rasaboxes (which is awesome, by the way), a two-person play with a few colleagues of mine from Brooklyn College, and another one that I know nothing about at this moment! I also will be looking into other jobs; yoga jobs, support jobs, and all that good stuff. I’m excited to see what happens.

I also want to thank everyone at Milwaukee Shakespeare. I had a fabulous time working on this project, and I really appreciated the warm reception I got from everyone on the Milwaukee Shakes staff. Thanks to Paula and Jennifer for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to the cast and crew for their hard work and camaraderie. Thanks to Kristin for picking me to write this blog. Thanks to all of you for listening to my rambles.


is the fool sick?

Yes indeed. Well, I am currently on the upswing of this crazy cold that took me by surprise even as I feel asleep Monday night. I woke up with a student matinee at 10am and a horrible, horrible cold. You know the kind–your body is tired, your head is stuffed and cloudy, and your nose is so full of mucous that you can barely breathe! And yet I was able-bodied, and knew that this kind of cold wasn’t a reason to call in the understudy.

It is difficult as an actor when you get sick because we use so much of ourselves in our work. Our complete awareness, our voices, our physical bodies, our memories, our emotions, our quick thinking, everything we have is utilized in our job. So even though my work day was only two and a half hours long, during that time period I have to be running on all four cylinders. 

I did my warm ups with a little extra care, got to the theater, took the curlers out of my hair, drank some tea and stared at myself in the mirror. It was a gloomy sight. (I have my dear friend Julia to thank for trying to cheer me up through the three days I was sick. She never gave up and she made me smile nearly constantly. She is the best.) I managed to get my clothes on, take a deep breath, and make it to the stage.

Now there is something that takes over when you enter the stage. I don’t mean that I am possessed by my character or some other force, but the learned pattern of behavior that you have created on the stage takes over. My energy naturally increased, and I found that even through my cold all my acting choices were working on their own. They have been programmed into my body through the rehearsal and through my technique. So even though I was feeling a little under the weather, because of my training and hard work I was able to make it through the performance just fine. I was exhausted afterwards, and I learned where to hide Kleenex in all my costumes, but I doubt it was all that noticeable to the audience. Except maybe for my diction. I never realized I had quite so many m’s and n’s in my text before. I mean, my third word is Dumaine, or as I pronounced it, Dubaide. But the cold also gave my voice that nice, husky low tone.

So as the cold lifts I look forward to enjoying my performance a little more, and having the extra energy that comes with health. But I did learn that all my work can stand on its own, and when I’m feeling a little sad, I can always look to Julia for a lift!


we are shame proof, my lord.

We are entering the final week of performance tomorrow. Seven performances total left before we close the show and scatter to the four winds…

This show has really been a joy to perform. This is the longest run of a show I have ever had, and I’ve had such a great time finding ways to keep it fresh and interesting. But I’ve had lots of help. Here are some of my favorite moments so far.

1. Stacy while just about to start his song fell backwards off the gig case and still managed to make it look cool.

2. I believe last weekend Kevin said “im-per-A-tor”

3. There was an incident with a leaking gel bra…

4. A piece of paper was spit from Kevin’s mouth, hit Jarrod in the forehead, and stuck to his forehead through sweat alone.

5. Several of us in the green room discussed how we had somehow gained weight during this show, while selecting candy bars from the huge stash.

6. Angela remained dignified while sauntering over to Molly to tuck in her tag.

7. I kissed Jarrod’s cheek, only to have my face covered in his sweat. At the next show he wiped off his cheek first with my pashmina, like a gentleman.

8. Teddy decided to use a British accent one day, and all of us almost lost it.

9. While exiting from the nookie scene in my little short nighty, I ran into a pack of urchins from La Boheme. I like to think they learned something that day.

10. While we were all waiting backstage, and quietly dancing to the transitional music, Norman was so inspired that he had to clap.

Not too crazy for live theater. Probably few of these were noticed by the audience, but they were all much appreciated by the cast.