we are shame proof, my lord.

We are entering the final week of performance tomorrow. Seven performances total left before we close the show and scatter to the four winds…

This show has really been a joy to perform. This is the longest run of a show I have ever had, and I’ve had such a great time finding ways to keep it fresh and interesting. But I’ve had lots of help. Here are some of my favorite moments so far.

1. Stacy while just about to start his song fell backwards off the gig case and still managed to make it look cool.

2. I believe last weekend Kevin said “im-per-A-tor”

3. There was an incident with a leaking gel bra…

4. A piece of paper was spit from Kevin’s mouth, hit Jarrod in the forehead, and stuck to his forehead through sweat alone.

5. Several of us in the green room discussed how we had somehow gained weight during this show, while selecting candy bars from the huge stash.

6. Angela remained dignified while sauntering over to Molly to tuck in her tag.

7. I kissed Jarrod’s cheek, only to have my face covered in his sweat. At the next show he wiped off his cheek first with my pashmina, like a gentleman.

8. Teddy decided to use a British accent one day, and all of us almost lost it.

9. While exiting from the nookie scene in my little short nighty, I ran into a pack of urchins from La Boheme. I like to think they learned something that day.

10. While we were all waiting backstage, and quietly dancing to the transitional music, Norman was so inspired that he had to clap.

Not too crazy for live theater. Probably few of these were noticed by the audience, but they were all much appreciated by the cast.


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