one final farewell before flight.

We closed Love’s Labour’s Lost yesterday. It was a good end to a good run, in my opinion. I learned a lot, I had a lot of fun, and I made a lot of friends. Well, at least one. Ok, I’m exaggerating. One half. But my hair is beginning to recover from the constant curling and brushing! And I may have made off with half my wardrobe. Hey, Katherine gotta get paid, son. I intend to return to New York with a whole lot of style in my back pocket. I didn’t actually pack any with me on my trip here. 

So what’s next for Emily, you ask? Well, when I return my good friend Lynn Hyde and I will be having a great dinner get together in order to re-acclimate me to the city. Then I get to get right into the swing of things by going to Jury Duty! That’s right, right from one paying job to the next! I am one lucky girl. 

But in the theater world I return to auditioning, newly assisted by my EMC card. I also have some projects floating in the air; a new piece developed through this technique called Rasaboxes (which is awesome, by the way), a two-person play with a few colleagues of mine from Brooklyn College, and another one that I know nothing about at this moment! I also will be looking into other jobs; yoga jobs, support jobs, and all that good stuff. I’m excited to see what happens.

I also want to thank everyone at Milwaukee Shakespeare. I had a fabulous time working on this project, and I really appreciated the warm reception I got from everyone on the Milwaukee Shakes staff. Thanks to Paula and Jennifer for giving me this opportunity. Thanks to the cast and crew for their hard work and camaraderie. Thanks to Kristin for picking me to write this blog. Thanks to all of you for listening to my rambles.


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