ladies with good behinds.

The second weekend of performances is off to a great start. We’ve had the joy of playing to two full houses. One of the great parts of having a run like this, is that you are able to sense the different feel of each audience. Our first weekend we had some boisterous crowds, but one laughed more about physical humor and one laughed more about the language and word-play. This weekend our audiences have been quieter, more contemplative, but very warm and engaged. As an actor you can feel the energy from the audience, and you can tell when they are with you or not. So far, all of our audiences have really been with us. It’s a good feeling. It lets the work just sail as it is.

Sometimes, if the audience isn’t with you, you get tempted to push a little. Pushing is just what it sounds like. Instead of being in the moment, in your character, you give a little extra to make sure everyone gets it. You push in an attempt to connect to the audience, but pushing always (and I mean always) turns the audience off rather than on. It’s not unlike your needy friend that gets uncomfortable when she’s not the center of attention. She may say funny and witty things, but she’s just a little too loud and pushy. It’s reacting against the audience rather than synching with the audience. 

I’ll add just one performance anecdote to the end of this blog. Today in the last scene, I was watching the Nine Worthies with my dreamy beau, when I felt my sunglasses slipping off the top of my head. I took them off to hang them on my dress (as I usually do at some point), and suddenly one of the arms came off in my hand. Well timed, glasses. So then I hung the bulk of the glasses on my dress and casually put the arm into Jarrod’s pocket. I knew there was a reason to have men around–pockets.


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