understudies, away!

So today we didn’t actually have a show, but we had two major events. The first event was our first (and only) understudy rehearsal, or, as I like to call it, topsy-turvy day. We had a three hours to make it through the whole play. First we got to ask curious questions like, “What do I wear if I have to go on?” If you don’t fit the original costume, you get to wear your show clothes. Mystery solved! And they do try to help you back stage if you actually go on. At least they say they will…

But we made it through the whole play! It went pretty well. It was fun to play, but it did feel a little awkward turtle to be going through it for the first time already memorized and knowing your blocking. Like an alternate universe. I’ve never understudyed before, so even though I had all my lines down and knew the blocking, I wasn’t really sure what would happen. I also wanted to get Molly’s intentions, etc, without actually imitating her, which I think I accomplished to some degree. Although I apparently have NO idea how to hold a hunting bow. But I could learn that in a few seconds if Molly (and I quote Leslie here) “went down”.

All in all I was surprised by the fairly relaxed atmosphere of the rehearsal. The purpose of the rehearsal is to make sure that we are all ready to go on if we need to be. So it was laid back. Everyone was doing the best, but no one was out to impress anyone. That was my favorite part. That and Nick’s fabulous take on Jarrod’s Dumaine. Bravo, my good friend, bravo.  

The other event was “An Inside Look” into the “nookie” scene. That was pretty fun. I got to learn some things about the other actors’ back-stories and struggles that I had been previously unaware of. You know, Dumaine and Katherine are just so hot-to-trot that they pretty much just want to get it on.

The audience had some great thoughts to share too! And, most importantly, I got to meet one of you blog readers! It’s good to know you actually exist! Thanks for reading! I love exclamation points!


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