out, out damn (lipstick) spot.

So today I had a fairly interesting experience. It was $12 night (power to the people). We had a good audience, very warm and responsive, but more contemplative than rowdy. I had had the day to relax, do yoga, run and such, so I was really ready to go.

And everything felt pretty smooth. The first scenes went swimmingly.

In the nookie scene I didn’t see the light (our cue to exit) in time and almost ran right in to the next couple. I guess I just got carried away? Is that what happened? Anybody? Perhaps I took too long to stalk him in the beginning of the scene. Anyway, after our quick escape (right in front of two children, by the way), we had another tiny snafu…at the end I give Jarrod a little friendly pat on the butt. Jen told me at our last rehearsal to wait until both of my feet were on the platform, but Jarrod had already made it to the door and so turned around at the same time I was smacking him. Luckily, nothing untoward happened, but I suppose I should have a contingency plan just in case. One good smack on the wrong side would cure that problem, I should think.

Anyway, the main event occurred sometime during the Russian masque part of the last scene. I was fine on my way in, I even had Julia check my lips/teeth, but after the Russian section I felt like I maybe had a little bit o’lipstick on them there teeth. So I did a little bit of licking during my laughing on the boys’ exit. Then, when we regroup for their reentrance, I was able to turn my head away and rub it off with my finger. But through the rest of the scene I was keeping tabs on it. Now, this does not necessarily take me out of the moment, because there’s no reason Katherine can’t have the same problem. People may have noticed, however, that Katherine was more orally fixated this time around than normal. Maybe that’s why she got along with Dumaine even better than normal…

Now it’s time for two days off! I am off to visit my lovely friend in Iowa City, Christine Ziemer. And to look at my understudy work. We have our understudy rehearsal on Thursday. I like to think of understudy rehearsal as kind of a grab bag of actors and characters. We will mainly have the same actors, but they will all have different roles! Like opposite day! Or upside-down day! Or…crazy-switch-roles day…


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