opening night is all up in my grau.

Well, hello there. I haven’t actually written since we officially opened the play. Let me fill you in. 

Saturday was opening night, and it was absolutely fabulous. I am now a master of getting my hair into curlers, and Julia is a master of making them look great. (Thanks, Julia!) Friday really felt like opening because we had a full house, but there was a sense of occasion on Saturday night that really made us feel special. All the staff and crew were dressed to the nines. The house was sold out. Not to mention the fact that flowers from a boy were waiting for me in the dressing room (tee hee!) 

The show had a different feel to me than on Friday night. Friday night felt great, there was a ton of energy, but maybe a little bit too much energy–a little bit of TADA! if you will. Hence all the tripping mentioned in the last entry. Saturday felt much smoother, more polished, but not in a stale way. The energy just flowed and there was less pushing going on, more trust in the work. I suppose that’s why we have a preview; we get that first WOWZAH! out there so we can really get in the groove and live in the moment. It just felt good–not to mention trip free. 

If I haven’t said this before, I’ll say it now: Milwaukee Shakespeare really knows how to take care of its people. We were treated to a wonderful opening night party with food and drinks and everything. And I actually got to speak to the director one-on-one for a few moments! Not too easy in such a large cast. She was saying how great it was that each actor had made their character their own. And its true! But we certainly couldn’t have gone as far as we did without such a great jumping off point. Jen mentioned a quote at one point in the process (which I will poorly paraphrase here); at the beginning of rehearsal the director should know more about each character than the actor does, by the end of the process, each actor should know more about their character than the director does. Without the amount of detailed attention given by the artistic team at the beginning of the process, it would have been much more difficult to go as far as we did on our own. So cheers to one heck on an ensemble!


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