and here she trips a’main!

And so we set sail on our performance schedule.

We started the day with just a few notes. I really didn’t have many notes at this point from Jen, but I did get the most important note I’ve had so far from Kristin. Apparently last night two of her friends got an extra view up my skirt in the first scene. And I didn’t even get a tip! So tonight I was extra careful to keep that under wraps. Phew.

We had nearly a full house today. As I said yesterday, the audience gives you stores of energy even when you are running on low. There was an extra jump of excitement even as I sat in the dressing room finishing my make up, listening to the top of the show. 

The show went very well. But there is always a little period of adjustment to performance conditions. I mean we rehearse in a big room with normal lights and no audience. Then we slowly transition onto the set and into the lights. Then audience starts to seep in. But after and among all that there is a transition. Tonight, for instance, I felt a little bit trippy. As in actual tripping, not the drug kind. My parents said they didn’t notice, but I like to think it became my new character choice for the night. Katherine is a sexy, fun person who happens to trip a lot. Nothing wrong with that. 

I also have to give an extra shout out to Jarrod for guiding me away from audience members at the end of the play. I lead him down to the vom in our last exchange, and, to be extra cool, I walk backwards. That’s what cool people do, you know. They walk backwards. And trip. They trip too. Anyway, as I was leading Jarrod to the vom (backwards) he started to guide me in the right direction. I think it was a close shave! So thank you Jarrod, for helping me to avoid an audience collision. He asked me to mention him more in my blog anyway. So there you go, Jarrod. Jarrod.

I also have to give a shout out for an event next week. On Thursday we are having “An Inside Look” at 7pm. At this event we take a scene from the play and talk about how it came to be. Kind of like a live DVD commentary. And which scene was chosen? The “nookie” scene! So you don’t want to miss all that sweet nookie goodness. Also, don’t miss Monday’s $12 night! (I get paid 5 cents every time I plug an event.)

I am so tired. Time for bed. I hope this blog made some kind of sense.


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