the ship is under sail.

So. Phew. Sorry I haven’t written. We have now had our final dress rehearsal and our first sponsor preview. I am becoming much more adept at curling my hair. I have found a place to utilize my prop and I am finally happy with the section about my sister’s death. Not a bad place to be right before our first show (we have a paid preview tonight). 

And of course, having an audience makes all the difference. I learned, for example, that they will all scurry their feet out of my way as I head past them down the isle. And I was reminded of how much energy and audience gives to a performer. It was noticeable in everyone’s performance last night–from the very young to the very experienced. Everyone was going just a little bit further. In a good way. 

And we had a few little mishaps. A minor tech glitch at the start, which was handled very well, and with great humor, by T. Stacy. Then a bracelet exploded in V, 2, but it was dealt with smoothly. All in all, we are in great shape for tonight. And my parents are coming tonight. They haven’t seen me in a while with all the crazy tech business, so I hope they think it was worth it. (Hey, if I wasn’t here working I would be miles away in NYC.)

Now I must go blow dry my hair and drive off to the theater for notes. Hope to see you all at a performance soon!


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