yep. i’m awake.

So I thought I would give you this breaking news blog. I am still awake! It’s 1 in the morning, and I am absolutely wide awake–even though we have another 10 out of 12 tomorrow. 

My brain is just going crazy. About different things, but mainly about that section in the play where I talk about my dead sister. I was talking to Ryan today, our lovely AD, about this section tonight. He told me that he did notice the difference in this section after I wrote and thought about it last time. Which is great! He also told me that this is one of the few times in Shakespeare in which there is no rhetorical logic going on at all. That’s less helpful. 

But as I’ve been turning it over I’m realizing a few things. First, I have been kind of slipping back to the way I used to do it before that blog entry. I do think it really helps to take that line about my sister as a “thank you for remembering” rather than a “yeah, what a downer” moment. But then, I think, as I strive to tell them “it’s ok, guys” I don’t necessarily move straight into teasing Rosaline. I think that first sentence may be a little bit more about how fun it would have been to have seen my sister make it to be a grandma. And it also could be a compliment to Rosaline–praising her for her “merry, nimble, stirring spirit” rather than teasing her about being light right away. I am going to recheck the Lexicon definitions I have of those words. Then that would allow for the last sentence to go in the teasing direction. This also brings it back to a quote that Jen read at the beginning of the process that said that these lines revealed such a love for my sister and a love for Rosaline. It also seems to me that this is trusting the text more, being more honest with it and manipulating it less. I just made my mom listen to it and she agrees. We’ll see if it comes out of my mouth tomorrow. 

Now I must finish my sleepy time tea and take one more try at sleep.


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