acting is fun!

Today was a pretty good tech day. For one, it didn’t start until 1:30. This allowed me to sleep without setting an alarm. Sweet, sweet bliss. Don’t worry, though, I’ll pay for it tomorrow when I have to wake up at 5:00 am so I can teach my 6:15 am yoga class. Urg.

Everything went very smoothly. We teched the remainder of the show for a second time, and we really all had our characters back up on their feet. The morning was easy and slow for me (I even had time for a nap). Then we had break, during which I sought solitude. I ate some delicious sushi and read my Maeve Binchy novel. I am definitely a fan of Maeve. 

When we returned we went to work on V, 2. (We all remember that scene, don’t we?) The run of it was totally fun. We girls finally found the sense of fun and laughter that really makes the scene move. In fact, it was hilarious and I had a great time. I also started to find more of the dynamic between Katherine and Dumaine in the Nine Worthies portion of the scene. The girls are supposed to be a little put off by the behavior of the men, but I think Katherine secretly thinks it’s hilarious. This makes sense to me for so many reasons. She is kind of a moment to moment girl, and she is very easy going and loves to laugh. So I think she gets a little bit carried away by the whole thing. Besides, that makes the stakes higher for me at the end of the play.

What was a big bummer was that we were just swimming through the scene and then we had to stop, right before a big moment, to work out a new traffic pattern. It was necessary, but it also stopped the flow. The scene had been going so well, and that run had been the closest I had come to living through the whole scene truthfully–to really finding and living through these extreme changes in circumstance that occur at the end of the scene. We ran it again and it wasn’t quite the same (it never is), but I was able to incorporate a lot of what we had learned in the first run.

Tomorrow we begin with a run of the whole play. That should be great. We are totally ready for it, and I’m sure it will help us all to continue to grow and explore.


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