i give today a 10 out of 12.

Today was our first 10 out of 12 day. And it was the Harley parade. Nothing like a 10 hour work day accompanied by a constant buzz. That is the recipe for a headache-free day.

The day started a little bit rough. Tensions were high, people were late due to the parade, and there was a thin layer of angst in the air. But once everyone took a short breather, we were able to begin with no problems. Everyone came together and we teched it up.

We started by finishing the show cue to cue. Because the end of the show is the most complicated, that tech lasted just until dinner time. It was slow going for us as actors, but at least that gave us plenty of time to figure out how to comfortably sit and snuggle on the platforms. And having plenty of time to sit around while the designers work their cues does give us time to get to know each other a little better. I often find that more cast bonding happens during tech than at any other point in the process, especially when most of the actors are local. So even though we all get a little bit bored out of our minds, or a little too tired or slightly high on coffee, at least we get to be stir-crazy with one another. 

Also, things began to feel more comfortable as we began our second go at things. First, we ran the “nookie” scene. Several times. So by the end, I was no longer tripping and making a fool out of myself, although I had a little stubble-burn. But we ran it so many times we began to think that perhaps someone was slipping Jen a little bribe. I blame Jarrod. I know he can’t get enough of me. And who could blame him?

Then we started at the top of the show once more. Which means I was able to read a magazine and get a quick shoulder rub. And eat some candy. And take a nap. And listen to Norman’s book of dirty jokes. 

Then the women were able to take the stage by storm. This scene also began to really settle in to the space. As I became more comfortable with my surroundings, I was able to bring more of Katherine back onto the stage. Now the only real problem I’m trying to figure out in that scene is finding a chance to use my Moleskine. My character is an author, and so I have this great Moleskin to use, but as we’ve worked the scene Jen has asked me to write less and less in it. This mainly makes sense, but now I really don’t have any time to write in it at all, and so it is more an accessory than anything else. So I have to find some place where I can really write, if only for a moment, to justify this prop. And it is an important thing for my character. Now I’m thinking I might be able to incorporate it more effectively into our next scene; IV, 1.

To find out what happens to this and other props, check in tomorrow!


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