much delighted by tech.

So tech is going very smoothly, but I had a few misadventures on the set today. I’m sure you would all rather hear about those than all the things that went quite smoothly. 

When we got to the “nookie” scene the first time went very well, and my boy even had a tie for me to conveniently pull on. I was much delighted. Then we decided to run it again. The beginning was again, quite smooth, and after Jarrod and I were safely backstage he said something to the effect of, “We’re always perfect.” Bad move, Jarrod, bad move. 

On the way back I was, for some unknown reason, unable to smack Jarrod’s butt in time. Instead of me coming up with something else spontaneous and clever to do I just stared at him awkwardly and proceeded to half-heartedly hit him on the side of his hip. Angela, like a trooper, still managed to spank me, which sent me scurrying across the stage, off the side of the platform and straight on to the corner of the audience risers, which I side-stepped and and hopped across in a very undignified manner. Of course, this was only made worse by the fact that I am wearing a very short nightie in this scene, with no shoes. As we discussed earlier, there is nothing worse than naked falling, and half-naked falling is almost as unattractive as naked falling. 

The other awkward moment occurs in the moment when I try to show my earrings to the princess, while simultaneously getting up to share the moment with my fellow ladies. In one rehearsal I managed to elbow poor Molly in the head, but this time I just slipped in my heels while standing up, throwing me off for that line and then making my cross completely unnatural and arbitrary. Ah the joys of putting all the elements together. It really brings out my awkward side.

Speaking of awkward, now that we have the platform to sit on, Julia and I are realizing we aren’t sure which way to be facing on the platform all the time. We end up spinning back and forth as we try to figure it out. But we do still have nearly five days of tech for me to become less awkward. If only I could become less awkward in my life in the same amount of time. C’est la vie. La vie.


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