twenty adieus my dear bay view.

Today was our last day in the rehearsal space in Bay View. It is extremely good timing, in my opinion. Everything is feeling pretty solid, and we really need to get into the space to move forward. In fact, when we worked notes today, there really weren’t many notes to work! We even got out early! This is a good thing, because I’m sure we all need to rest up for the strenuous tech schedule that lies ahead. And the crazy parking situation thanks to the exciting (but packed) Harley Davidson festival, only minutes away from the performance space. I may finally get to explore the Milwaukee bus system! Woohoo!

I also wanted to say a word about Tami (Workentin – a local actor, she played Maria in last season’s Twelfth Night) and the wonderful pilates classes she is giving us. (She coyly suggested I put her in my blog in class today.) Now, I am a yoga instructor and I have tried some pilates classes in the past, and have not been a big fan. I took one hot pilates class that I liked, but that was in Iowa City. But, despite not being a big fan of pilates, I really do enjoy Tami’s class. I think it’s mostly her attitude. Especially when she says, “Isn’t that just a little bit of magic?” So during the exercises I smile, even though I might be dying a little inside. And we do these exercises for the sides of the hips that hurt like hell, but then afterwards my hips feel like butter. Almost as good as the glute massage I got from Gregory yesterday. Almost.


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