what a difference a day makes.

First I would like to point out how snazzy the blog looks now! I had nothing to do with it, of course, but I do appreciate it.

So yesterday we had a run of the whole play for the designers. It was a great experience. We had been working on this one section of V, 2 repeatedly (the pageant of the nine worthies), and when it actually happened in the run, it went by so fast! 

For the most part it felt really good. Things are smooth, the story seems pretty clear, and those few bumpy places that still exist will no doubt be drowned out with lights and special effects. Just kidding. I’m sure any bumpy place will be thoroughly worked through in the ample rehearsal time still available to us. And on Thursday we get to move into the space. That should be great.

Today was my day off. Last day off, I went to Chicago for an audition (and for crazy fish pizza with Ryan), but today I was able to really relax. I went to bed last night at 10pm and woke up this morning at 9am. It was much needed and it felt great. Then, after a short breakfast I got a fabulous massage (thank you Gregory), had a fabulous complimentary private yoga class (thank you Jason) and, after a beautiful run, had a fabulous dinner (thank you parents). Yes, this is more about my personal life than my process, per se, but we do work so hard as actors that our day off always deserves to be this fabulous. So if anyone wants to send money to the Massages for Emily charity, we can work together to make this a weekly reality.


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