the actor’s brain never sleeps.

That’s not exactly true. I did sleep last night. I dreamt of kangaroos. But my point is, when you are totally entrenched in a play, ideas can hit you at any time. Sometimes they hit you four months after the play has closed. Fortunately, I just had a small epiphany as I was drifting off to sleep last night. Suddenly, after I had closed my eyes, I realized that this one line I have been taking for granted did not mean what I thought it meant. Because I thought I had understood it, I had taken my first impression of the line and not dug any deeper than finding definitions in the Lexicon. But last night it hit me. Now, I wasn’t so far off that people couldn’t understand me at all, but I was just missing a few little grammatical cues that took the line from a statement to a comparison. And we love playing the comparisons in Shakespeare. So thank you, brain, for finally getting on board with that one. Let’s see is anyone notices in rehearsal today…


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