when you say pizza too many times it doesn’t even sound like a word anymore.

So we’re at that strange point in the process when we have already had run-thrus and made a lot of decisions and some of them have probably become dear to us and now we’re reworking things in more detail and so discovering new things while still mucking through the swamp of the older ideas and problem places. How’s that for a run-on sentence?

Today we began working through from the very beginning. It was interesting. We really focused on making everything clear, to us and to the audience. We attacked that one line I have that has been an issue, “Of all that virtue love for virtue loved.” I had, per suggestion, been saying the line focusing on a cesura after the first love. Then Jennifer suggested I hit both the first “virtue” and the “for”. I had tried hitting the “for” before, but with both together, it did seem to make more sense. Although, I can’t even really tell anymore because I’ve just been saying it so often and trying out different stresses. In my head it just sounds like a bunch of nonsense words, even though in my head I know exactly what it means. And after the run of II, 1 our text coach approached me about making the whole speech clearer by playing up the operative words. Of course, this is one of those things that I think I am already doing. But when people outside the world of your head don’t hear it, you know they must be right. So now I’m sitting at home running the the speech and trying to find which words I can pop out to really make the meaning clear. Now the speech sounds to me like I’m speaking some form of archaic German.

I think maybe it’s even harder when you have fewer words. When you have fewer words, you feel like you should be able to make them all work perfectly. This past summer when I played Beatrice in Much Ado, these things seemed much easier to play with and find. And it wasn’t that I was skimming over text or anything. I think it’s just like when you say a word too many times in a row and then it begins to sound like complete gibberish. So now is the time, after I have been repeating and playing to let it go so it can all sink in for rehearsal tomorrow. It is always a balance, especially in Shakespeare, to work every detail and then to trust the work will be there and let it all go.


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