statistics don’t lie.

Thanks to Kevin who just told me that I can check and see how many people are reading this blog. And, I am proud to report, that stats are way up since July. Sure, no one was writing in July, but I am still proud. Give me my moment. 

We have had a really crazy (in a good way) past couple of rehearsals. We are working Act V, Scene 2, which those of you who have been paying attention will remember is the longest scene in Shakespeare. There are some moments in that scene that are just very complicated to decipher, if you will. What has been great about working on them is the flexibility everyone has to admit their choice didn’t work and to try a new one. There is nothing so productive as people who are ready to just serve the story by trying something completely different. I think between yesterday and today we have discovered so much about that scene. And there is still a ton more to find. I would write specifics, but I think I’ll save those in case I have a dry spell with nothing to say. I’ll put them on this post-it note right here. Those things sure are clever. Post-its, that is. Not necessarily my ideas.

Anyway, what I really need to say is that we just had a cast get together in which we played both pool and poker in a lovely mansion (thank you, Andy). In the game of pool, which took a long time because we are so skilled and well matched, I landed the last shot, got the 8-ball in and won the game for Norman and I. Then, at my first hand of poker, I got a straight. All those beautiful chips were mine. On the second hand, I won with two pair. Then I had to leave. (Seriously, I’m teaching yoga at 6 tomorrow morning). Overall I just want to say that I am the champion game-player of the cast. And no one can beat me. Ha, ha!


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