sauntering through.

Today was our first stumble through of the first half of the play. Actually we renamed it a “saunter-through”. And it was great fun. There is a whole lot of that first half that I haven’t seen or heard since the read through at the beginning of the rehearsal period. So it was a blast to see everyone up on their feet. 

I was especially interested in the boys. (This is where my dad would say, “Big surprise.”) But I was interested in watching them as an actor on this particular occasion, as they are the people with whom we interact most. And it was great to see them interacting with each other; to be able to watch their relationships within the group. And also to see that I was right about what I wrote just this morning: Dumaine is one heck of a cocky boy. And that is why I love him.  

All in all it was very successful. I had a note on one of my lines, which, of course, I have now repeated to the point where it makes no sense to me whatsoever. I have faith I will figure it out, though. After all, as our director pointed out, we have only been rehearsing for a week and a half. It’s great that we have already made it to the point where we can get real notes.

So congrats all! Tomorrow–we begin part two.


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