redefining the defined.

Well, rehearsals continue to go well. The shape of the play is being refined and details are being sorted out along the way. Yesterday we worked on our “nookie” scene (my title, not the director’s), and things really began to fall into place. When it was time for me and Jarrod (Smith – playing Dumaine) to go, Jennifer (the director), pointed out some of the things Jarrod and I had decided about our relationship earlier on. Now, I had started to rethink some of these things, partially from my own experience exploring Katherine and partially from watching Jarrod’s character come to life. Part of what we decided (I guess most people would call it a back story, but I really dislike that term), was that I was a little bit older than him. Not a cougar, mind you. I’m not nearly old enough to be cougar-worthy, but old enough that the difference exists and is palpable to us. Perhaps I am merely a large and vicious house cat. Which I had a dream about yesterday…

Anyway. I watched Jarrod’s character become really cocky, and, in the last scene he becomes a total college-cocky-boy-jerk. Not to me, of course, but still. And so, in trying to find what it was that Katerine saw in him (besides, of course, his stunning good looks), I started to move aside what we had talked about concerning age, and how I generally wear the pants in the relationship. But when Jennifer refreshed my memory of all this, it suddenly did make sense to me. Dumaine is cocky, yes. But Katherine knows that even if he can be that way with everyone else, she can make him crumble. That is pretty hot.


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