the scene to end all scenes

Today we spent all of our rehearsal working on the last scene of the play, Act V, Scene ii. This is the longest scene in any Shakespeare play. In fact, in our production, the intermission takes place between Acts IV and V. Why did Shakespeare write such an out-of-proportion last scene? Well, as I said last post, no graduate degree.

But this scene has it all; flirtation, intrigue, a mess of Russians,  reconciliation, a Pageant of the 9 Worthies…who can ask for anything more! And it was quite a scene to (roughly) stage. Enter every character in the play -all 17 of us- and try to work out all the sightlines on a thrust stage. That being said, it went very smoothly, and we had a lot of fun doing it. I mean, it was pretty funny. At least to us. 

So tomorrow is our day off (with cast bonding activities carefully planned (and maybe some Olympic watching)) and then on Wednesday we return to really dig into the details on our feet. I like this part a lot. When you are on your feet with no script-that is when things can really begin to happen. I can only hope that more dirty jokes will be unearthed, more butts will be shown, and much more mayhem will be discovered.


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