forging ahead.

And so we forge ahead. This morning we finished table work for the play and got on our feet for the first time. And it was a really great table work session, too! We found things that were contentious and really dug into them. I just love it when people get passionate–whether I agree with them or not. That is where the creative impulse originates, where the drive to do this work is born; that fiery, slightly uncomfortable feeling in the belly we call passion.

It’s so exciting when ideas and actions start to come to life inside of you. During the process (especially with Shakespeare) this can happen over and over. You have an idea and suddenly you just can’t wait to share your incredibly enlightened insight with everyone else. And sometimes it doesn’t work and you have to let it go…and that’s ok too…although it can be really, really hard.

But, back to this rehearsal. One of the great things about working with an equity house (and such a well organized equity house), is that we already have props and shoes and all that to start playing with. Now, whereas Angela (iannone – playing Boyet) clearly stated she is not a big fan o’ the props, I have to admit I love them. So starting off with all these props was very exciting for me. I mean, in grad school I remember using a paintbrush for a gun for weeks!

And the cast is really starting to become comfortable with one another as well. The room feels warmer each day as we begin to get to know one another and discover how our dynamic works. It is a very exciting time. 

P.S. Don’t miss your chance to check out Well at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, featuring actors you may have seen in Milwaukee Shakespeare’s productions including Angela Iannone (King Henry in 2 Henry IV), Tami Workentin (Maria in Twelfth Night), Bo Johnson (Justice Shallow in 2 Henry IV), and Travis Knight (Orsino’s Officer in Twelfth Night). The entire ensemble is absolutely wonderful.


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