coloring between the lines

Well, we finally had a day off! I tell you, they work you hard at this place.

Actually, this oddly placed day off, following on the heels of our first day, was very fruitful for me. As I re-read the script with the concepts and ideas we explored on the first day in my head, the story was much more vivid to me. It also spurred ideas of my own, and I was able to flesh out my character much more completely than I had before!

Katherine (my character) chooses her words wisely. In other words, she doesn’t say a whole lot in the course of the play. Because of this, I can’t draw a ton of concrete information from the script. This means two things:

1. Everything Katherine says, how she says it, and everything that is said about her gives me vital information. Each piece is extremely important to remember as I flesh her out.

2. There is a lot of room for interpretation! As an actor, I have to provide all the details about Katherine that aren’t included in the script so that she can be a complete character, not an accessory. 

So yesterday, using what I learned from the first day, I was able to do most of my first character analysis with ease.

I find this theme repeating itself in nearly all areas of my life. Once boundaries are established, I can be free. In acting, yoga, and life this fact continues to amaze me.


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