the hazy craze of these first days…

It’s good to be back in Milwaukee. It does take some adjusting. Driving to work is new. People smiling at you on the street is different. Living with other people is…an… adventure.

But of course, the best part about being here is beginning the process of working on Love’s Labour’s Lost. I’ve been thinking about this play since May now–doing research, watching the films, picking through the text–but nothing you do on your own can compare with what happens in a room full of people. And this room was FULL of people.

With a cast of 17 and 24 staff members, visitors and volunteers, the rehearsal room was full to the brim this morning. As I found my place at the table (with my own labeled coffee cup), I was thrilled to be a part of this horde. 

And as always happens with real live people, you can never quite be sure what to expect. And we had some GREAT surprises. My head was filled with visions of corsets and floor length gowns (very Shakespearean, you know), only to find instead a modern concept that I would never have guessed on my own. It will most certainly be an adventure to explore these characters as they exist in our time, and within this framework. 

I can’t wait to see what happens next. But I’ll have to wait…and so will you.


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