One thing I love about “Cymbeline”: Track Role

Week Four of the Cymbeline run and things are chuggin’ along.  If you’re a frequent visitor to the site, you’ll have probably noticed that I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find time to write with my time split between the theatre, the classroom, trying to sort my thrilling terrifying future out, and general upkeep of my health.  So this very well could be my last entry (but do check back, won’t you?).

 …and that’s all I wrote.  Now it’s Week Five, I am clearly a bad blogger, but as promised, let’s begin (in no particular order) TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT CYMBELINE!!!  Yay! Wooo!!! (Edit that, Kristin.)

Playing a Track role and the daily adrenaline rushes associated with it.  Sure, I don’t get gut-wrenching soliloquies or crackling verbal volleys with a scene partner, but I do get to disappear into three distinct identities and craft a logical and interesting (to me at least!) story arc for each one.  I could get real novelistic on each one and tell you their whole backstory and why the moments you see them on stage are the most crucial episodes in their entire lives! (Though you may be busy watching Posthumus or Cloten, but still.) 

What you don’t see during my track-role odyssey is pretty exhilarating as well.  Every day I chase Stacy Hicks down a long hallway with a sword tucked under my arm like a football and scream at him making my best Marvel Comics rage face in order for us to make an entrance on time at the opposite end of the theatre from where we’ve exited moments before.  The daily wind sprint.  One of the challenges is to see what the very last second you can stop full-on running is and still be able to do a Looney-Tunes one-foot hop-skid around the corner before crashing into the wall.  Yes.  I live my life as a cartoon character.

I also dig my quick changes.  I go from Roman Soldier fleeing the battle to Ghost Brother #2 (as opposed to Soul Brother #1, that was James Brown) back to Soldier with very little time to spare.  Amanda Schlicher, the fantabulous dresser assigned to me and I have developed a superkinetic unspoken system so that there is no wasted movement in the shucking of one set of elaborate garments and stepping into another.  Pit-crew worthy, for all you NASCAR fans. (Lots of overlap there–NASCAR and Shakespeare fans, right?)  All in the name of having six extra seconds to like, concentrate on the play or something.

Hey, theatre geeks–why are ensemble roles where you play multiple parts called “Track Roles” anyway?


More to come!  I can see there’s no way I’m gonna do one blog of ten things, so I’ll chop this up into multiple postings.  Disjointed, just like my brain. Hooray!




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