what’s doing with Cymbeline, hmmm?

Week Three of the Cymbeline run and the illness stuff I wrote about last week continues.  For Sarah Sokolovic, Week Two ended with a little hospital visit after Sunday’s evening performance.  Maggie Arndt, her understudy for Imogen, stepped in on Tuesday and Wednesday morning’s student matinee performances.  Having just held our first understudy rehearsal last week and from viewing Maggie’s continual and diligent presence during tech rehearsals, it was clear that if any understudy were ready to go on, it would be Maggie, and sure enough, she did a fantastic job and the show didn’t skip a beat.  Then Sarah came back Wednesday night like she’d never been gone.  I was very impressed.  Particularly since last season, when I went on in an understudy capacity during 1 Henry IV (at exactly this same time–first StuMat, weird), I was terrified and on the verge of hallucinating backstage. However this year I noticed what remarkably calm confidence the company maintained during the switcheroo.  Credit that again to Maggie, but also to this group’s inflappability.

Meanwhile, I started teaching some rather raucous Cymbeline-related workshops this week, and as a result, am experiencing a little vocal fry.  NOT a throat infection issue, I can assure you.  I’m trying to stay in the “Never Got Sick” column, and besides, who can afford health insurance?  (Yay, non-Equity status!)

In my dressing room downtime, I’m reading next season’s Milwaukee Shakespeare plays to prepare study guide materials for them, but they frequently get borrowed by other actors who are preparing to audition for roles in these productions starting next week.  I have mixed feelings about this, as I have had to turn down audition invitations for these shows.   I’d really like to be in them and work with many of these actors and this company again, but I likely won’t be living in this country at the time.  Which is hugely exciting for me personally, but doesn’t stop irrational professional envy from creeping in.  

Anyways, with Cymbeline running at such a smooth, professional level and pleasing its audiences (PS if you’re reading this and still haven’t seen it, Book Your Tickets, seriously), and with next season beginning to emerge, it’s an exciting time to be a part of the Mil-Shakes fam.  So next time, I’ll share a bit of my present glee with an extended answer to a question Marcy asked the cast at one of this week’s talkbacks: “What is your favorite moment of the show, either onstage or off?”  Stay tuned for “Rarry Rarry Rar: Ten Things I Love About Cymbeline.”




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