open / out of contact

It’s Monday and I’m on my weekend.  The show is open and I am back in Chicago.  I slept till 3 today, believe it.  Which means I sacrificed several to-do list activities today in the name of rejuvenation.  But it’s a happy time, no doubt, as that show I’m in has turned out pretty good, and I feel okay about my work in it so far.

(By the way, hooray to everybody for getting through that conveniently-timed storm!  I never want to have to spend the night on the Milwaukee Shakespeare green room couch again!)

So yeah, after 24 hours away from the show (though I did spend dinner hour last night prepping scenes for upcoming Cymbeline workshops, hi Rufus King), tonight I’m busting out my script to keep working on Posthumus lines for understudy rehearsal(s) this week.  It’ll be different to not have Wayne one floor above me saying them through a monitor.  For someone who’s always carrying his script around (sometimes actually looking at it!) it’s a long time out of contact with the material.

But having this much time off reminds me how out of contact I get from so much of my life on a run-up to an opening.  Giving family, loved friends, clerical duties and general cleanliness daily attention at these times is of the question.  The sheer hours you’re required to be at the theatre combined with the level of focus required to prepare mean that for me at least,  some things are gonna slip away from you.   My brain becomes momentarily disconnected from people I care so much about and from the small actions that maintaining a lifestyle necessitates. (Don’t worry, moms, I’m eating.  I swear.)

But they’re a pleasure to come back to then.  Great long talks with those friends on the phone I’ve been ignoring.  The pile of clothes is folded with a jaunty whistle, or in my case, beat-box routine.  Rounding my life back into order after the play becomes, necessarily, an obsession.  The perspective of friends, the rest, the meditative hours, bring balance back.  Let’s all exhale, shall we? There.  Doesn’t that feel nice?


Hey!  If anybody connected with Cymbeline is reading this thing, Congratulations.  You’ve been doing awesome.  I’ve seen you.


3 Responses to “open / out of contact”

  1. 1 nheneburyfarmer
    March 25, 2008 at 10:48 pm

    WHAT? You spent the night in the greenroom? That’s crazy – tell us more. For example: Which greenroom? Office or theatre? Why is it called a greenroom? And more importantly: why did you spend the night in the greenroom?
    You’re joking, right?
    Your friend,

  2. 2 cgelly
    March 26, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    Love reading the blog! Thanks for all the anecdotes and details. It all adds a different perspective on my vision of the play. Can’t wait to see it. Only wish I could have been there for the firemen. Congrats to all the cast on all the great reviews.

  3. April 6, 2008 at 12:41 am

    Hi indeed! We’re looking forward to the workshops. What a funny bunch o’ anecdotes you’re gathering for the memory books! I’ve seen the show twice and love it. My students are clamoring to come see it, too!

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