Still snowing, still rehearsing.

The Spring Equinox has come and so has Cymbeline‘s audience, as we held our first public Preview last night.  Yesterday I walked around the Third Ward with an open coat and listened to the glorious sounds of a crowd of people, followed by a crowd of people listening intently.  Today it’s snowing like a mother and I have to go to rehearsal before tonight’s preview.  It’s all about being almost out of a long period of difficulty and shoveling, then receiving a reminder that the work is not quite done yet.  The weather instructs the actors not to get too cocky before official Opening Night.  (Thanks, Jupiter.)  Hopefully, perseverance will be rewarded in all sorts of blossomings in the weeks to come.

That being said, and knowing there are plenty of fixes to be worked on today as well as solidifying yesterday’s fixes, the preview last night was immensely satisfying.  At 5 minutes to places, the cast rallied and a giddy exuberance swept through the basement halls around our dressing rooms.  The show got rolling, and the Milwaukee Shakespeare Audience Ringers were laughing so vociferously that the backstage monitors were distorting, and Act V, Scene 5 (the big concluding scene that has been painstakingly fine-tuned this week) was again fluid and powerful. 

Nerves and apprehension are calming, questions are being answered, solutions being devised, and the sense that we have a Good Show on our hands has finally begun to settle in.  Makes me want to sing “It’s All Part of the Process” by Morcheeba as I begin to be able to smile thinking back on the hair-pulling times of tech week.  Because now I have no hair.


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