As promised, here’s… ANDY v. FIREMAN!


Cymbeline opens tomorrow night.  Come see us light the Broadway Theatre Center ablaze…with our Acting!


2 Responses to “As promised, here’s… ANDY v. FIREMAN!”

  1. March 24, 2008 at 9:53 am

    Ha… there’s some great cross-publicity for the MFD, too, right!?

    Looks like you “sparkled” after you were ablaze… see Damien Jacques’ great review in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=731230 I agree with Damien’s assessments of the show — congratulations to the cast and crew.

  2. 2 hsm24
    April 9, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    Matt, I had been waiting to see the photo op for the city of Milwaukee/Shakespeare of Milwaukee — you did not disappoint! The descriptions of the few, the proud, the costumed, shivering outside or getting into character using hapless passersby as pawns elicited much laughter here — so much so that my children had to come and see why I was inelegantly guffawing.

    Having now seen the production, thanks to the school matinee series, we all agreed that your description of the Marvin the Martian hat was very apt, and that the character development outdoor training session was obviously highly successful, as we thoroughly enjoyed the cave boys’ performance. The entire production was beautiful, engaging, and entertaining. We had a marvelous time. Thanks to you all!!

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