In the grand tradition of Milwaukee Shakespeare themed volunteer dinners thrown for the cast (Cinco de Paco & Twelfth Night), came Lupercalia!, held last Saturday during dinner break, feeding us into a frenzy before our evening slog-thru of all that had been blocked so far.

The Roman theme (the bad guys who war with the Brits in Cymbeline) was in full effect as we were served spinach lasagna! Caesar Salad! Pizza! A chocolate fountain!  Prepared lovingly by MilShakes volunteers and introduced by stalwart volunteer Bob Ashmore, portraying the man for whom the salad was named.

Theatre types love the free food.  Here we are, happily crammed into the rehearsal hallway, which was decked out in dramatic Romaesque bunting and lights.  I am totally IN THIS PICTURE!  Can you spot me?

After the gluttony, it was time for entertainment.  First, a puppet show retelling the origin of Rome featuring Romulus and Remus puppets that looked suspiciously like the heads of actors Nick Harazin and Andy Truschinski superimposed over gladiator-studly bodies.  Hilarious.

Next, chariot races!  Noel recruited me as a gladiator (Judah Matt-Hur) to race remote control cars dolled up as chariots (aluminum foil = chariot).  After some technical difficulties (multiple remotes interfere with each other), I ended up in the finals vs. Andrew Truschinkulous.  An initial tie led to a footrace finale–where Andy used his superior mass to muscle me out around the final turn and literally dive across the finish line.  My prize? A keychain that says “I LOST!”  Which I suppose beats getting fed to lions.

 I missed the blindfolded round of “Pin the Laurel On Caesar” as I went off to review my lines.  But here’s Wayne about to do his pinny thing.pin-the-crown-on-caesar-2.jpg

 I must give it up to Noel and her crew of hard-working fabulons for making our break brighter.  Communing with staff, cast, families, and volunteers was a terrific infusion of fun, togetherness, and ridiculousness into what is for me, an  already highly enjoyable production process.  Never let it be said that Milwaukee Shakespeare ain’t got heart.  Veni, vidi, vici.bob-and-the-girls-2.jpgclean-up-2.jpg

…and then rehearsal, which encompassed the top of the show through Act III, Scene 5, went off encouragingly well. 


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