Kevin Rich saves the day

Kevin, of course, wrote this blog for Milwaukee Shakes’s previous production, Twelfth Night.

I had 90 minutes for lunch at today’s rehearsal, during which I’d scheduled an audition for Door Shakespeare at the Broadway Theatre Center.  I ran over and saw one actor and one understudy from Cymbeline, and, just before I went in to audition, Kevin.

I did my first piece, one from Hamlet, and they asked what I had “in my pocket”–an older piece that can be done at a moment’s notice.  I ran down the usual suspects I’ve been doing for years–Macbeth, Hal, Proteus, Romeo. Nope, none of them for what we might see you as. Recently, I’ve been doing Sebastian from 12th and enjoying it, so that came to mind.  Great, let’s see that.  Okay. Go!  “This is the air, that is the glorious sun, this pearl she gave me I do see it and feel it, and though tis wonder that enwraps me thus, yet tis not madness. … (Pause) … Um.” (I’ve gone up.) “Um, I’m sorry, I’m going up.” 

But it’s not horrendously awkward, they let me go out into the hall and run through it, then I’ll come right back.  But it’s not coming back to me.  But there’s Kevin, who played Sebastian just last month.  Severely breaking pre-audition etiquette, I enlist his help.  He gets me started (“Where’s Antonio then?” Of course!) and we alternate phrases as we go through the monologue, crouching in the hallway outside the audition room.  Pretty neat little moment. 

I go back in and do it very freely and relaxedly, not having to act very hard that these words are just coming to me now.  And whadda ya know – it comes off pretty okay.  So I get to stick around and read a role from one of their plays for this summer’s season.  My audition is extended, good news.  Kevin Rich is my hero.

Of course, by now I’ve used up almost all my break, and it requires some very skillful and daring (but don’t worry, all legal) driving, to get me back to rehearsal on time.  By which I mean one minute late.  But I called!

 …There’s more to write regarding this weekend’s rehearsals–Returning to rehearsal after ripping up my voice doing Romeo + Juliet workshops; standing and listening and being a table as the Roman Soldier; and tomorrow’s Lupercalia feast being thrown for us during break (Noel Henebury-Farmer is amaaazing).  I’ve been writing more than I expected to, so I hope somebody’s reading this.

Elly, I’m sorry this has meant less letters to you, but I woulda been telling you all these stories anyway.

Marcy Kearns–HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Everybody else–Holler back?  Anybody want to hear about something specific or ask a question about the Cymbeline  process, please drop a line. 


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  1. 1 sumnatime
    March 5, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    Elly? What about MY letters?

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