fitting the Roman Soldier

resized-roman.jpgCiao, ladies! Here’s me with all-star Costume Manager Darcy Devens.

roman-soldier.jpg And here’s the Designer’s rendering of “Roman Soldier.”

Since a crooked figure may attest in small place a million (So says the Prologue in Henry V), it appears as if I’m going to play the entire Roman army under the command of Bryce Lord as Caius Lucius.  I had my first costume fitting the other day and was well impressed with what designer Misha Kachman had for me: long wool coat, leather “armor” breastplate and helmet, which seems to leave little flakes of black schmutz in my hair, or maybe that’s just my new hair goo.  I imagine this costume will also be plenty hot under the lights come mid-April, but I think I look pretty rad, so I’m not worrying about that right now. 

Actors are periodically being pulled out of tablework for preliminary fittings, so we’re starting to get a clearer idea of what the visual world of Cymbeline will be.  Sketches and models are good to marvel at and start the imagination with, but getting something on your back helps you feel like you actually live in and belong in the world of the play.  It’s totally encouraging that just a couple days into rehearsal, so many design elements are already becoming concrete, even as we sit with our noses in books.  Some of the more potentially restrictive costume elements will even be worn in the rehearsal room starting next week so that actors can adjust their movements and become comfortable wearing them.  For my own part, I’d kind of like to sit at the table wearing my helmet whenever possible–I definitely need to work on being stoic and imposing. (See above.)



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