#51: Castmates’ Parting Thoughts

Dear Friends,

A few castmates had some post-production reflections I’d like to pass along:

 Robert Spencer (Feste):

Last words, mmm, let me think.  Oh, yes, I VOW  NEVER TO WORK WITH KEVIN RICH AGAIN!!!  Just kidding!

Seriously, I am so missing everyone already.  This is one I would love to have played much longer.  I feel I was just beginning to reach that level of relaxation that allows for all those new little discoveries to take place.  Despite the short run, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this wonderful production and to work with such an extraordinary group of artists.  This Twelfth Night has managed to work it’s way into my “top ten list”.

Tami Workentin (Maria):


I feel like the young theatre student that has the short runs pining for more.  I was teary when we went into curtain call looking across as my fellow players not at all ready to end the fun.  I felt as if we were all breathing into it and fully playing the play.  Looking across at one another and zinging it back and forth with confidence and fun.  The greatest joy for me is always in the run.  I love the playing of the play and the discovery what happens when something new lands on you during a show.  
The cast in general – Lordy Lordy Lordy.  Great people, good people.  The back stage antics were just beginning which is also one of the highlights of running a show. 
I felt like this was one of those times when the play felt special.  Something about it was ‘better then most’.  It was a quality gift that we served up generously. 
I’ll keep you posted (for a few more days, anyway),

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