#47: No Such Thing as Late for Work

Dear Friends,

This morning we performed our final of four student matinees to a packed, enthusiastic audience.  It was great to see how many turned out, considering the snowstorms we’ve been having.  I carpool with a castmate from Kenosha, and it took a good thirty minutes just to get to the highway.  Bad weather is nerve-wracking in the theater, because unlike many professions, we simply CANNOT be late to work. 

Or at least not TOO late.  Normally, we’re called a half-hour before the show starts to get into costume and warm up.  Those of us who are involved in stage combat are called twenty minutes before that, for what’s called “fight call,” where we run through the choreography of the fights.  Today, I was late for fight call, but was able to squeeze in a quick run-through of the fight with Sir Toby before the show started.  We know it pretty well, but fight calls are always important– when you’re running the fight at speed during the show, adrenline’s always going and it can be dangerous.  As our fight captain, Todd Denning, says “the swords are not sharp– they’re dulled– but they’re still steel, and when steel meets flesh, steel usually wins.”

Today’s a two-show day; we have a show tonight– our first show for “grown-ups” since Sunday!

I’ll keep you posted,



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