#45: Ladies and Gentlemen, There are Beads on the Stage

Dear Friends,

During our matinee this morning, my bracelet broke.

There’s a point in the play where I find a beaded bracelet on the ground and put it on.  Shortly after that moment, I’m challenged to a fight by Andrew and Sir Toby, and Toby grabs my arm.  Well, today, that broke my bracelet, and we both heard beads dropping on the ground.  This was particularly alarming, because we were about to begin a carefully choreographed swordfight, which a few slippery beads could quickly turn into something a little less than carefully choreographed.  Plus the bracelet was still hanging off of my wrist, and I didn’t have time to remove it, so I was concerned that if I moved my arm to quickly, it would fall into the lap of someone in the front row, or even worse, smack them in the face.  So our subsequent swordfight was hesitant, to say the least, and probably looked more like a ballet dance than a fight.  Or synchronized swimming.  But we pulled it off without falling, or blinding anyone, and when I left the stage, I alerted stage management, who immediately made this announcement backstage: “Ladies and Gentlemen, there are beads on the stage.  I repeat, there are beads on the stage.  Please be careful.”

Live theatre.  Gotta love it.



1 Response to “#45: Ladies and Gentlemen, There are Beads on the Stage”

  1. January 31, 2008 at 11:34 am

    I brought my students to the matinee yesterday (Jan. 30), and it was stupendous. I could really see the actors feeding off the kids’ energy, and I felt like it was heightened over opening night!

    If this blog entry refers to beads at Wednesday’s performance, I didn’t notice (and I was only five rows back), and none of my students said anything.

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