#43: I’m Back, Hello, Sorry

Dear Friends,

Ack!  Once again, my apologies for the infrequent posting lately.  I don’t have internet at home, for one thing (I know– can you believe it?  It’s like I’m some sort of caveman or something) and there’s no access at the theater.  Plus I’ve started on several other projects: I’m teaching two classes this semester at Carthage, including Theater for Children (in which I plan to have the class write a play about Shakespeare and tour it to local grade schools… should be fun!) and I’m also text and dialect coach for Playboy of the Western World at UW-Parkside, which is currently in rehearsal.  But Paula Suozzi herself sent me an email asking why I haven’t been posting lately, and when she talks, I listen!

So I think our play is pretty great.  The cast has been having a lot of fun, the audiences have been responsive, and the reviews have been positive.  (A quick note on reviews: Many actors don’t read them, and out of respect for that, it’s company policy not to discuss reviews in the dressing rooms.  In the spirit of this policy, I won’t go into details about them either.  But if you’re curious, here’s one.)

I can’t express enough how nice it is to finally have an audience.  It simply isn’t theatre until someone is watching.  Without an audience, we’re just walking around, talking to ourselves.  Which is weird.  The audience is the missing scene partner, and your reactions are palpable.  Your laughter fills the spaces between our lines and helps propel the energy forward.  At touching moments, we can’t hear crying, really, but we hear lots of sniffles, which is gratifying (is that a sadistic thing to say?).  And sometimes, your silence is louder than anything else– which, in moments of suspense, feels great, and when something should have been funny, not so great.

Anyway, thanks for coming.  It’s great to have you.



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