#28: Soup’s On

Dear Friends,

It’s been a busy day, but I have a little time before meeting with the costume people for a wig wrap, so here’s a quick update:

1.  We got through Act 5 today, which means the entire play is now staged.  Now, we have about a week to play before going into technical rehearsals.  We’re in good shape.

2.  Tonight Paula and her husband Jonathan are hosting a Soup Party at their house for the cast and crew.  This is quickly becoming a Milwaukee Shakespeare tradition, I think: I remember attending my first soup party during rehearsals for Comedy of Errors three years ago.  It’s great fun, and even better eatin’; both Paula and Jonathan are excellent cooks.  Paula told me that Jonathan’s home now with three different soups a-simmerin’.  Yum.

3.  We take a five- or ten-minute rehearsal break every hour or so, and today, every time break is called, a horde of us have been dashing to the computer to check the score of the Packers game.  Currently up 28-17 at half.  Good ol’ Milwaukee.  Even theatre people like football here.

4.  Wondering what a “wig wrap” is?  Me too.  I’m pretty sure it means they’ll be taking a mold of my scalp somehow, so they can build a wig to fit my head.  And I’m pretty sure that means I can finially get a haircut and stop looking like a Chia pet.  Fingers crossed…

I’ll keep you posted,



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