#27: Andrew Achy-cheek

Dear Friends,

 As predicted, Fight Scene, Take One was… well…

We hadn’t even gotten to the SWORD part yet and I’d already nearly blinded a castmate.  The whole thing begins with Andrew Aguecheek (played by Chase Stoeger) challenging me to a duel by slapping my chest with a leather glove.  “There!” he exclaims.  Then I take the glove, and say “There, there and THERE,” a textual indication that I slap him no fewer than three times.  So.  On our first pass, Chase gently whacks my chest with the glove.  I proceed to tear the glove from his hand, enthusiastically slap once, twice, and then, for comic effect, throw the thing at him.  Now.  I was aiming for his chest.  I was.  But it’s a long glove, and the tail of it whipped up and caught him right in the face.  Classy, Kevin.  Way to build the confidence of your fight partner.  The poor guy said later he was reminded of being nailed in the face with a soccer ball as a child.  Awesome.

Stage fights are really, really tough.  The last thing you want to do is hurt anyone, but you need to make it look exactly like that’s just what you’re doing.  Stage fights look so stupid when they aren’t convincing, but when you’re dealing with swords, daggers, and gloves with dragon tails, making fights look real can easily lead to injury. 

Whenever there’s a fight in a show, the actors involved have a “fight call” before the show starts, to give us a chance to work through the choreography of the fight.  Safety is priority number one, but accidents still happen.  I’ve been lucky enough not to have encountered anything major, but I’ll ask my castmates if they have any stories, and get back to you.

In the meantime, if you see me coming at you with a glove, duck.



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