#24: A Tornado in January

Dear Friends,

Yesterday was our day off– company management organized a Brewery Tour of Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee; I didn’t go, but I’ll let you know how it went as soon as I hear about it. 

My day off was unusual: my wife and I had friends over for lunch and after they left, we went to the library about a half a mile away.  When we walked in, we were immediately diverted to an emergency location, being told that a tornado was heading toward Kenosha.  It was apparently going to be arriving in ten minutes.  Living right down the street, we decided to turn around and go home to be with the dog.  We heard on the news later that the tornado passed right over that library, and touched down just beyond it, causing damage to homes and businesses about twelve blocks away from our house.  Strangely, we didn’t hear a thing, and it didn’t rain or hail on our house at all.  Later that night, I visited the area that had been hit.  Emergency vehicles were everywhere; police were obviously not letting the general public into the more damaged areas, but I walked down blocks where trees had been pulled up and were laying across yards, gutters had been ripped off of houses and fences had been demolished.  I was struck by the number of people — families, couples, groups of friends — who were walking around with flashlights, looking around and sharing news with each other.  While it was nice to see all of the people out in the neighborhood, I felt a little sad that it always seems to be something tragic that creates that level of community interaction.

I may write more about this, after I learn more.  I know this isn’t directly related to Twelfth Night, but life happens, and theatre’s a form of community, after all. 

I’ll keep you posted,



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