#20: I Need A Haircut

Dear Friends,

Have I mentioned that actors are totally at the mercy of their costume designers?

When you’re in a show, you have very little say over your appearance.  Grow a beard.  Shave your beard.  Get a haircut.  Let it grow.  Grow chops.

My current instructions are to be clean-shaven, but to let my hair grow out.  Clean-shaven, of course, because I have to look my twin sister, who obviously has no facial hair… and the reason for growing my hair out is essentially to give the hair stylist more options, should they decide not to wig us. 

 “Let your hair grow” seems to be a common instruction; consequently, my hair is frequently… large.  My hair is thick, so when I let it grow, it doesn’t grow long, it just grows up.  Large, red hair.  Awesome.

When I did The Comedy of Errors three years ago at Milwaukee Shakes, I was told to grow out my hair, and then the ultimate decision was not to cut it.  So my hair was ENORMOUS, which was perplexing, considering 90% of the time I was wearing a hat.  I remember I flew back to New York (where I was living at the time) on a day off to visit my girlfriend, who was considerably more fashionable than me (which isn’t difficult) and who hung out with lots of TV people.  So we went on a double date with one of her best friends, Rebecca Budig (who played Greenlee on All My Children) and her husband, Bob the Bachelor.  Neither one of them could stop staring at my Ronald McDonald hair.  It was embarrassing.

My hair isn’t that big yet, but it’s getting there.  I really hope they wig me.



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