Twelfth Night, Seventh Post: Three Cheers for Volunteers

Dear Friends,

Just a quick shout-out to some of the wonderful volunteers who generously donate their time and energy to helping us do what we do.  And sometimes they donate more than time and energy: Remember the sweet first-rehearsal spread I talked about a few posts back?  Many volunteers had a hand in that:

Norma Mortimer: Meat and Veggie Pies (I may or may not have eaten two, Norma)

Georgia and Tom Houle: Cookies and set-up

Dana Weinstein: A&W Root Beer

Jake Russo (self-designated “tavern liason”): Coffee AND gave rides from hotel to out-of-town actors

Laura Peart and her niece Miranda Fisler: Candy

Anna Patel: Chips and dip

Maddie Wakely: Cookies

Katherine Packer: Sweet Stuff

Charissa Schultz: Picture taker extraordinaire!

And after the feast, these kind volunteers were even kinder to stay and listen to us read the play aloud for the first time.  What class.  Thanks, volunteers!

I’ll keep you posted,



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