Twelfth Night, Fourth Post: Second Day

Dear Friends,

On the second day of rehearsal, my true love gave to me: two hours of fight work, one costume fitting, and a partridge in a… joke’s over.

(I think that’s the first time I’ve ever typed partridge.  Did I spell it correctly?)

The Main Event of Day 2 was “table work,” which essentially involves sitting around a table and talking through the play scene by scene, not concerning ourselves with anything but the meaning of the text.  It’s generally a slow, painstaking, thoroughly enlightening process that takes a good three or four days.  I didn’t take part in table work on Day 2, though, because I’m not on until Act 2 Scene 1.  Instead, I had my costume fitting.  This involves immodestly disrobing (not COMPLETELY, geeze) in front of virtual strangers and then trying on various items of clothing.  Much of my costume is being “built,” meaning made from scratch (as opposed to purchased or rented from another theater’s costume shop), so I mostly tried on muslin* patterns, which were then adjusted according to my measurements.   I’ve also got some really swanky shoes. 

Also, I think I’ll be wigged.  This is not set in stone yet, but I’m a twin, and the actor playing my twin sister, Alexis McGuinness, has lots of hair, and I don’t.  So they’re probably going to take the middle road and wig us both.  If you ask me, they should give me a really long wig to match Lexi’s hair (Sebastian Van Halen!) but then again, that’s why I’m not in costumes.

 Oh, and I might have to wax my eyebrows.  You heard me.  Lexi’s eyebrows are darker than mine, but if I have to darken mine as they are, it might look a little strange.

After my costume fitting, I had a few hours of fight rehearsal.  There will be a few brief sword skirmishes during the play, choreographed by the multi-talented Todd Denning (also playing Antonio), so Todd met with those of us involved to give us a little rapier and dagger refresher.  We needed it.  Okay, *I* needed it. 

Oh, almost forgot: because it was my BIRTHDAY, I was surprised with a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday To You” (music by Patty and Mildred Hill, lyrics by Preston Ware Orem.  You heard me) sung by all present, and a CARROT CAKE (my favorite cake flavor, FYI), made from scratch by Managing Director Carrie Van Hallgren!  It was delicious.  I’m not used to celebrating my birthday very much, since it falls two days after Christmas, so all that attention was really very embarrassing.  I loved it.

 I’ll keep you posted,


* From Wikipedia:  Muslin is a type of finely-woven cotton fabric introduced to Europe from the Middle East in the 17th Century.  When sewing clothing, a test or fitting garment may be made of inexpensive muslin fabric before cutting the intended expensive fabric, thereby avoiding a costly mistake. The muslin garment is often called a muslin and the process is called making a muslin. With the availability of inexpensive synthetic fabrics, which closely resemble the hand (drape and feel) of expensive natural fabrics, a test or fitting garment made of synthetics may still be referred to as a muslin, because the word has become the generic term for a test or fitting garment.


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