Farewell, the latter spring!

Well, I’m upstairs in the dressing room, now, listening to the robbery scene over the monitor, as I write this.

I was discussing with my mother-in-law this morning how lovely this cast has been to work with, and how genuinely fond of one another we are. And while I won’t miss the daily question of who will be injured today, I will miss everyone in this cast, dearly.


Jeff Allin: Thank you for your kind spirit and placid demeanor.

Heather Anderson: Thank you for your heart and perseverance.

Bill Clifford: Thank you for dressing room chat and entertainment.

Todd Denning: Thank you for your badassery, and the Douglas Workout.

Tiersa Ferraro: Thank you for bringing the little ones around. So cute!

Allison Forbes: Thank you for being a rock star.

Brian Gill: Thank you for chili and wine and hanging in.

Nick Harazin: Thank you thank you thank you for the rides. And the Risk, baby! So much fun this time out.

Stacy Hicks: Thank you for that G– D—ed monkey!

Courtney Jones: Thank you for your smile and peace.

Patrick Lawlor: Thank you for letting me shower first.

Matthew Lewis: Thank you for letting me toss you aside like so many potatoes in the battle.

Tim Linn: Thank you for being a super rock star.

Bryce Lord: Thank you for taking me home that first day, with my bike.

Larry O’Dwyer: Thank you for making me want to watch every scene of yours every day, to see what will happen.

Matt Pierce: Thank you for being a super duper rock star.

Paco: Thank you for your consistency and presence.

Tom Reed: Thank you for sharing super-hero stories.

Jake Russo: Thanks for late night talks on the way up to Whitefish Bay.

Eric Schabla: Thank you for laughing at Nick and my impressions of your family.

Chase Stoeger: Thank you for leaving. (just kidding!) No, thank you for being an awesome dressing table buddy, and haberdasher.

Andy Trushinski: Thank you for eating half a loaf of bread.

Jon Wainwright: Thank you for the cookies.

Jeff Withers: Thank you for not irreparably breaking. Also, for being so perfectly you.

Richard Ziman: Thank you for diving in with abandon.

Lesley Stone: Thank you for being a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious rock star.

Nicole Friedman: Thank you for having water and advil and swords and wetnaps at the ready.

Kelsey Lexow: Thank you for rubbing me down with blood every day.

Amanda Schichler: Thank you for rubbing me down with dirt every day.

Darcy Devins: Thank you for putting suspenders on my pants!

Scotty: Thank you for keeping the swords nice and shiny.

Kevin Connelly: Thank you for keeping us lit.

Ola Maslik, Jen Moeller, Josh Schmidt, Kurt Schnabel, Gale Daly: Thank you for making us look and sound fantastic.

Paul Dennhardt: Thank you for the Mort Schlag (even if it was cut!)

Carrie Van Hallgren: Thank you for signing the checks

Jessica Berlin: Thank you for keeping it together, somehow!

Marcy Kearns: Thank you, doll, for great conversation.

Noel Henebury: Thank you for meals and wheels.

Kristin Godfrey: Thank you for asking me to blog in the first place.

Michelle Kitson: Thank you for helping us all get there.

All our volunteers and audiences: Thank you for being there.

Laura Murphy: Thank you for your house.  And food.  And heart.

and three more —

Stephen Fried: Thank you for allowing me to speak your favorite speech in the play.

Paula Suozzi: Thank you. For everything. I actually can’t thank you enough.

Carrie Murphy: Thank you for throwing your lot in with mine. I love you.

I’m on my way to Chicago tonight, and then to Illinois Shakespeare Festival in Normal first thing in the morning, so this is it. Also, a quick shout-out to all my readers and commenters. I had a blast. I hope you did too.



* This is a totally incomplete list of thankable attributes. If it were complete, you’d be reading for days.


2 Responses to “Farewell, the latter spring!”

  1. May 21, 2007 at 11:47 am

    Thank you for a wonderful performance, and for such engaging and fun blog entries. Hope to see you next season (with more blog entries).

  2. May 22, 2007 at 5:14 pm

    I thank you (and the entire company, collectively), for an energetic performance that really captured the integrity of this script so well. My students really enjoyed the production, and your blog was really instructive in elucidating the process an actor follows through the run of a show.

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