Opening Night

Last night we opened. It’s the culmination of all of the work so far, and the beginning of a lot of work yet to come.

Just like the preview, there were plenty of things that didn’t go quite according to plan.

  • There were some technical problems in Wales — the sound just didn’t happen, making Glendower’s claims a little more farcical.
  • There was one terrifying second in the middle of Hotspur’s first speech where there was dead silence as well, this due to the lines just not being there. He recovered quite nobly, though, and turned in a lovely show.
  • Todd Denning took the dreaded knuckle parry* during a fight and bloodied himself up quite nicely, for real. He soldiered on through the rest of that fight, but missed his next entrance due to his finger being mangled. Though unconfronted by the Douglas, Falstaff feigned death all the same.
  • We got a standing ovation.

That, of course is the magic of live theater: somehow, we get through those times when the sound cue disappears, or the lines just aren’t there, or an actor doesn’t make it onstage.

And we had a little celebration afterward. And we have another show in a few hours. And there will be more stories to tell.



* Instead of deflecting an oncoming sword with his weapon, he met it with his finger. Yowch!


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