Dress Tech

We had a pretty successful run tonight.  All the hard work of tech came together, and while there’s plenty more to do, it’s clear that we have a real show on our hands.  I was sitting in the stairwell waiting for an entrance with Todd Denning, who plays the Douglas.  He asked me how I was feeling about the run and I realized that it is in fact time for the next, important part of the process: the audience.  I’m a little sad to be leaving rehearsals, but with all the people in the house watching the run tonight, it became clear that this show is ready to fly.*


*Provided everyone makes all their entrances.  Otherwise, maybe not so much flying as limping. (There were a couple of missed entrances tonight, due to (actual) wardrobe malfunctions, reassigned entrance points, and well, just plain spacing out.  There’s a cast of 24 and a long show, and we’ve been stopping and starting without a run all week.)


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