Tech, Day 3, Post 1

12:00pm  Arrive for rehearsal. We will begin with the battle — continuing to cement our work on spacing, and layering in tech elements.

12:10pm We get started.  The new pillar configuration looks great, and the addition of the collanades to the battle makes it look gorgeous.  There’s something about the structure that constantly reminds us we’re in a play, as Shakespeare’s Globe* would its patrons. And the play, I think, requres that.  It’s not naturalism, and the columns being in the space is an ever so subtle reminder of that.  

12:51pm We begin work on the Hal / Hotspur sequence.  Because of Brian’s encounter with the big scary dog last week, he’s been unable to work with his bastard sword in the right hand.  Today he gets it, and is getting a good forearm workout.

Man alive, this fight is exciting!

1:05pm We start laying in the tech, with the fights at half speed.

1:20pm Ten minute break.


* A better analogy would be the Blackfriars,’ which was the King’s Men’s indoor playing space.


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