Dinner Break

We didn’t quite finish it, but we got pretty close to teching the whole show before dinner.  We were all pretty happy, though, to break, because the staff had coordinated a meal for us here in the space.  Sloppy Joes, baked ham, mac ‘n’ cheese, salad, various crudites, and all manner of desserty treats were prepared by Noel and Marcy and Carrie and Kristin, and volunteer Georgia. (Thanks, again, ladies!) It’s so lovely to eat a meal with the entire cast and crew, and to just have some time to relax in the middle of this grueling process.

When we get back tonight, we’ll have a fight call at 7:00, then our half hour at 7:30.  Half hour is a period required by Equity to give actors a bit of time to get into costume and get themselves together before they have to perform.  At 8:00 we’ll begin a dress tech.  We’ll do our absolute best to put all the work we’ve done over the past few days together.  We’ll have full costume, lights, sound, and of course, acting. (We hope.)  We’ll try not to stop, but if we run into a problem, we will address it and then move on.


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