It happens for every show. It never fails. During tech, something always turns out not to work the way you thought it would.

In this case, we had been working with the understanding that the pillars in the set would move toward the outer walls for the battle scene, giving us more room for the swinging of swords — generally an activity for which one wants more room. Unfortunately, when it came down to it, the moving pillars just couldn’t be executed properly, so they became stationary. This means that when spacing the battle (one of the biggest, most epic battles in all of Shakespeare, let’s remember), we would have to incorporate the pillars where previously there were none.


So, while not rechoreographing everything, we are taking some more time than originally expected on the battle. Out of necessity, we have to rechoreograph some, which is fine, as the work needs to be done. And it will get done. Certainly. It’s a mystery, but it always gets done. I’ve done a lot of plays and have never been in one that didn’t happen.

However, as a result of all of this, I will be working onstage quite a bit, and unable to post as much this evening as I’d like.



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