So we’re working the Wales scene, now. There’s quite a bit of sound in this scene — singular cues and a bed of ambient sound. This scene ends our first act as well, so there’s quite a bit of teching to be done.

One of the characteristics of this space is that you can see the other half of the audience watching the play in the other side of the stage. What that means right now is that while watching this scene, I can also see all the business going on at all the tech tables on the other side of the space, though somewhat obscured by theatrical haze. There’s quite a bit of action over there. Stage Management, Sound, and Lighting all have separate tables set up over the chairs, and there are multiple computer monitors and laptops in use. Plus Steve is on that side, looking at angles and consulting on cues, etc. Text coach Gale Daly is also watching, and our set designer, Ola Maslik, just walked in, followed by Paula Suozzi, and took a seat. There are whispers galore on that side of the house, including Lesley being as quiet as possible while calling cues on the headset.

And it’s a lovely moment on stage. Lady Mortimer is about to sing her beautiful Welsh song, composed by Josh Schmidt; Hotspur’s head is in Lady Percy’s lap, Mortimer’s head is in his lady’s lap, and Worcester’s head is in Glendower’s lap (!?)*



* What happens in Wales stays in Wales.


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