Tech, Day 1, Post Dinner

8:00pm 1/2 hour.  We arrive back and get back into costumes for our next scenes.

8:30pm  Ready for the next scene — The carrier scene.  I’m not back on for quite a while as the sheriff, so I’m in the house watching for a while.

8:40pm We get going, horse sounds, false lanterns, and all.

8:42pm Aaaaaand we pause.

For what it’s worth, we’re actually doing pretty good, I think.*  I doubt we’ll make our goal of finishing our first act tonight, but I think we’ll be fine to finish the whole thing by Thursday morning, so we can dress the thing Thursday night in time to preview on Friday.

9:05pm Fight call.  In order to be safe, we run every bit of combat in the show slowly once or twice before we run it at speed in context.  Once we’re running,  fight call will take place about an hour before curtain.  Right now, as we tech, we’re taking fight call for each sequence as we reach it in rehearsal.  The first bit of combat in the show is during the robbery at Gad’s Hill.  That’s where we are, so Lesley called hold, then we went into work lights to work the fight and put it into the space.   

One of the things we’ve just discovered about the space is that in this arena configuration, entrances and exits take a longer time because you’re always in view of somebody.  A much longer time.  Stephen just said, “This is what it means to be hoisted by your own petard.”

9:20pm Break.


* Crap. Now I’ve jinxed it!


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